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Upgrading from Legacy Reflection X

The first time that you start X Manager and X Manager for Domains, local settings from legacy Reflection X products are migrated automatically and saved to a Reflection X definition file (*.rxd). Your legacy Reflection X files are not changed. On this first start-up, the Import Migrated Settings and Templates dialog box opens and includes an option to import your migrated settings. This option is selected by default. Click Import to import your settings into Reflection X.

Your Reflection X client files (*.rxc) are imported as definitions under X Clients and/or XDMCP Connections. Starting these migrated clients is easy:

  • Double-click a migrated definition.


  • Select a definition, then click the start button:

You prior version server settings are migrated to a session definition named "config," which is configured to start automatically when you start X Manager.

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