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Creating Shortcuts

If you are running on Windows, you can create desktop shortcuts to launch your clients. The example below creates a shortcut to an X client definition. You can use the same approach to create shortcuts to launch other definition types.

To create a shortcut

  1. In X Manager, under My Clients, right-click on a definition and select Create shortcut.

    A shortcut is created on your desktop.

  2. Close the X Manager window.

  3. Use your new shortcut to launch your session. (X Manager starts and runs in the background. You can right-click the X Manager icon in the system tray to open the X Manager window.)


    Administrators can configure and deploy shortcuts to simplify startup for new users. The command line utilities for starting the standalone X Manager (rxmgr.exe) and X Manager for Domains (rxmgrdomains.exe) are documented in the Reflection X Help.

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