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Export a Definition

You can copy selected definitions from the Reflection X database to a definition file (.rxd) that can be used to save or share settings. This file can be read and imported by X Manager or X Manager for Domains on any platform.

To export definitions

  1. From X Manager, click File > Export.

    The Export Definitions dialog box appears.

  2. Under Available Definitions on the left, select the definitions you want to add to the export .rxd file.

    The definitions that you select are added to the Definitions Pending Export list on the right.

  3. (Optional) Clear Automatically include referenced definitions. Clear this option to export only those items you select under Available Definitions.

    When this option is enabled, all referenced definitions are automatically added export list under Definitions Pending Export. For example, if you select a client definition for export, the session, font , keyboard, and color scheme definitions referenced by that client definition are also added to the export list.

  4. (Optional) Clear the check box Remove passwords from exported definitions. (By default, stored password strings are removed from the definitions you are exporting.)

  5. Click Export.

    All definitions on the Definitions Pending Export list are exported.

  6. From the Select Export File dialog box, specify the name and location of the file to which definitions are exported.

  7. Click Save to complete the export process.

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