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Confirm Exit

This dialog box is displayed when you attempt to exit X Manager when sessions are still running. You can choose to stop them, leave them, or cancel the exit operation. The choices you are offered depend on how you're running X Manager and how you have configured your preferences.

X Manager (standalone): You do not have the option to leave a session. You can stop the session or cancel your exit operation.

X Manager for Domains: The option to join and leave a suspended session is available when Remote session services is configured for a suspend/resume option.


As you exit X Manager for Domains, any sessions that you have already left will remain running.

This dialog box appears when the setting On exiting X Manager is configured to Prompt in Preferences. You can change this behavior:

  • Choose Leave (X Manager for Domains) or Stop and then select Remember this choice.

  • Change the setting in the Preferences dialog box. You should also use this setting if you want to change this behavior again.

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