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Export Definitions Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?

From the X Manager

  • On the File menu, click Export.

From this dialog box, you can export available definitions (settings for clients, sessions, font collections, color schemes, keyboard maps, and trusted host and user keys) from the X Manager on the current computer and import those definitions into an X Manager on another computer. The exported definitions are saved in an .rxd definition file, and imported by copying the definition file to the destination computer, where the definitions are imported using X Manager. Administrators can also use exported definition files to create custom templates.

Available Definitions

Option Description
Available Definitions Lists all definitions that are available for export.
Selects all items in the current category.
Clears all selections in the current category.

Export Options

Option Description
Automatically include referenced definitions This option ensures that when you select an available definition that references other definitions, all the related definitions are added to the Definitions Pending Export list. For example, if you select a client definition for export, the session, font , keyboard, and color scheme definitions referenced by that client definition are also added to the Definitions Pending Export list.
Remove passwords from exported definitions Select to ensure that all stored password strings are removed from the definitions you are exporting.

Template configuration


These items are relevant only if you are an administrator configuring templates to add to a Reflection X deployment.

Option Description
Template name If this .rxd file is present in the templates folder, the name you specify here shows up in the list of available templates in the Import Templates and Migrated Settings dialog box that displays on initial startup. (This name is not used if Automatically import template on first run is selected.)
Automatically import template on first run If this .rxd file is present in the templates folder, the definitions in it are imported silently on initial startup.

Definitions Pending Export

Option Description
Definitions Pending Export Lists all definitions that will be added to the exported file.
Name Identifies a definition to be exported.
Type Indicates the type of definition that will be exported.
Reason Indicates why the definition was added to the Definitions Pending Export list (either Selected or Included by Reference).
Export Exports all definitions on the Definitions Pending Export list. Click to open the Select Export File dialog box, from which you can specify the name and location of the .rxd file to which definitions are exported.
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