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Getting Started

Get started with Reflection X by launching an X Client application. Then take a look at some sample definitions, the X Manager interface, and frequently asked questions.

Your approach for using Reflection X will depend on which mode of operation you are using—Standalone mode or Domain mode.

  • Standalone mode is provided by a single application—X Manager, which is installed by default, is a bulletproof X server that provides reliable, seamless access to your mission-critical X applications. This is the most commonly used mode.

  • Domain mode offers all the functionality of standalone mode and complements that power with additional features that help enhance productivity without increasing costs. A Reflection X domain consists of one or more computers on which X session components run and are load-balanced. The domain also defines a group of users who can run and share sessions on those computers.

Keep in mind that some of the instructions and features in the Reflection X guides are specific to the operating mode you are using.

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