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Add Trusted Host Keys to the Database

Trusted host keys authenticate a Secure Shell server. If the host's public key has not previously been installed in the host key database, the first time you makes a Secure Shell connection, you see the Host Key Unknown dialog box. This dialog box includes a fingerprint that identifies the Secure Shell host. To be sure that this is the correct host, you can contact the Secure Shell server system administrator who can confirm that this is the correct fingerprint. Without confirmation, there is a risk of a "man-in-the-middle" attack, in which another server poses as the Secure Shell server.

Use this procedure to add an unknown key to the database. Once a key is stored in the Reflection X database, the stored public key is used for subsequent authentication, which ensures a connection to the correct host. Once the key is saved you won't see the Host Key Unknown dialog box when you make subsequent connections.

To add a host key to the database

  1. From X Manager, configure an X client that uses Secure Shell as the connection method.

  2. Start the client.

    The first time you connect, you are prompted with the Host Key Unknown dialog box.

  3. Click Always to add the host key database.


    In the context of the Secure Shell protocol, Reflection X—an X server—acts as a client. The Secure Shell server resides on the same host that's running the X client application. Reflection X runs as a Secure Shell client that must authenticate the Secure Shell server, and must authenticate to this server as a client.

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