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Configure Host Authentication Using Certificates

Reflection X uses a utility called PKI Services Manager to perform certificate validation services. If you are connecting to X client hosts that use certificates for host authentication, you can download this free utility from the Micro Focus website.

The following procedure outlines the basic steps that need to be performed by an administrator to support host authentication using certificates. Use the links to view procedure details.

To configure host authentication using certificates


PKI Services Manager can be installed and configured in a central location for access by multiple users (steps 1 and 2). Once this is done, all Reflection X users can connect to that PKI Services Manager server (step 3). In domain mode, individual users don't need to configure this connection; the domain administrator uses the Administrative Console to configure a single connection to PKI Services Manager that is available to all domain users.

  1. Install PKI Services Manager on Windows or Linux.

  2. Configure PKI Services Manager on Windows or Linux. You will install trusted certificates, configuring certificate revocation checking, and designate which hosts can authenticate with a valid certificate.

  3. Configure Reflection X to Connect to PKI Services Manager.

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