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Configure Load Balancing

You can adjust load balancing by setting the relative capacity of domain nodes. For example, although your domain might have several nodes with similar capacity, you may want to run most of your sessions on one node to leave the other nodes available for other system tasks. You could accomplish this by specifying a high relative capacity for that node.

To configure load balancing

  1. From the Administrative Console Domain Composition tab, under Domain Properties, select the load balancing scheme that best suits your site:

    Select To
    Round Robin Assign sessions to each domain node in sequential order.
    Note: Higher capacity nodes will appear more often in the sequence (a weighted round-robin).
    Optimize CPU Assign sessions to nodes based on available processing power.
    Optimize Memory Assign sessions to nodes based on available memory.
  2. Under Domain Nodes, select the node.

  3. Under Registration Details, adjust the Relative capacity slider to specify how much to "weigh" the node for load balancing. (If you set a high relative capacity for a node, Reflection X is more likely to start sessions on that node than on other nodes with similar capacity.)

  4. Confirm that the option Participate in domain is enabled for the node. (This is the default.)

  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for each node.

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