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Monitor Sessions

From the Administrative Console, you can monitor all of the sessions on the domain. You can view the status of all sessions running on the domain. You can also view the load and memory usage of the domain node or nodes associated with each session.


Depending on which options you select for the session, session components may run on more than one domain node.

To view session status details

  1. From the Administrative Console Domain Status tab, click the Running Sessions tab.

    The Administrative Console displays all of the sessions running in the domain, along with the session names, owners, and the domain nodes on which they are running.

  2. Select the session that you want to monitor.

    The Administrative Console displays session details such as how long the session has been running, the location of the client connectors, and all of the X servers that have joined the session.

  3. Next to Location, click the double arrow button to display details about the domain node that is running the session.

    The Domain Nodes tab displays the domain node name, the state of the session, the current processing load of the node, and its memory use.

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