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Share Settings with Domain Users

As an administrator, you can make definitions available to other Reflection X domain users. Only an administrator can make definitions public, and users cannot edit these definitions.

When you make a definition public, all of the associated components for that definition must also be public. For example, if you make an X client definition public, a session definition referenced in the client definition must also be public, as must any shared font collection or color scheme. If you are setting up a public Secure Shell client definition, you can make the host key public as well.

To create a public definition

  1. Log on to X Manager for Domains with your Reflection X domain administrator account.

  2. Configure and test the definitions you want to share.

  3. If you are using a client definition that includes a telnet, rexec, or rlogin, clear any saved passwords before you make the definition public.

  4. Log on to the X Administrative Console with your domain administrator account.

  5. From the Domain Definition tab, right-click a definition and select Make Public.

  6. Make all associated definitions public in the same way. For example, any session definitions used in your client definitions must be made public. If you make a launch group public, make all clients in that group public. If your session uses any non-default color schemes or font collections, also make these public.

  7. To test your changes, log on to X Manager for Domains with an alternate Reflection X account. Logging on with a different account allows you to see and test your changes as a regular user. Start your public definitions to confirm that you have shared all required components.

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