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Specify Shortcut Key Combination

Click the + sign on the Shortcut list in the Keyboard Shortcuts tab to open the Specify Shortcut Key Combination dialog box.

There are two ways to identify the shortcut key combination you want to use for sending a string of characters or X Keysym, described below: You can also select a Shift or Alt combination for the key.

  • Press a key.

  • Select a key name and Select a key location.

    Confirm that you have the appropriate key location selected when you specify a key. The Standard location is appropriate for keys on the main part of the keyboard, such as Tab or Enter. Left or Right apply to keys such as Shift and Control. To select a key on the numeric keypad, select Numeric Keypad in the Select a key location list to specify the correct key.

Click OK to add the selection to the list of shortcut keys on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. You can then associate the key with a string (select the Send string option) or a sequence of X Keysyms (select the X Keysyms to send option).

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