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GNOME 3 Extensions Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when Reflection X detects that the client you're starting is the GNOME 3 Desktop and the session selected in the Client Definition Session list does not have the extensions required for GNOME 3.

GNOME 3 is detected when the Client Definition Command string contains gnome-session and either dbus-run-session or dbus-launch.

All of the following extensions must be enabled for GNOME 3: Composite, Damage, GLX (configured for direct rendering mode), RANDR, Render, Shape, Sync, X Big Request, X Fixes, XFree86 Big Font, X Generic Event, X Input, X Keyboard, and X Test.

Option Description
Yes A clone of the selected session is created, then modified to enable the extensions required for GNOME 3. The Client Definition for the client you are starting is set to this cloned session.
No The session is not created and the client remains unmodified. The GNOME 3 Extensions Dialog box is not displayed when this client starts.

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