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How to Configure FIPS for Distributed Sessions Running in Standalone Mode

You can configure Reflection X to use the United States government Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 for distributed sessions that run in standalone mode.

When running in FIPS mode, all available settings use security protocols and algorithms that meet this standard. Options that do not meet these standards are not available, and only the Secure Shell connection method can be used to start X clients.

Running distributed sessions in standalone mode requires an X Manager on a workstation and an installation of Reflection X on an X client host with Remote Session Services enabled. You'll need to set FIPS mode both on the X Manager on the user workstation and on the X client host that runs Remote Session Services.


The X Manager Standalone FIPS setting must match the RSS node setting on the host client.

Before you begin

To configure X Manager to use FIPS for sessions using Remote Session Services

  1. On the workstation, open X Manager and on the File menu, choose Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences dialog box, under Security, select FIPS Mode.

To configure Remote Session Services to use FIPS

  1. On the X client host on which you installed Reflection X with Remote Session Services, open the host-nodes.xml file in the Install-directory/conf folder.

  2. Change the FIPS setting to true.


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