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Host Keys Tab in the Secure Shell Host Keys Dialog Box

How do I get to this dialog box?

From X Manager or X Manager for Domains

  • From the Tools menu, click Secure Shell Host Keys.

Public key authentication of the Secure Shell server is a standard feature of the Secure Shell protocol. Use the Secure Shell Host Keys database to manage your list of trusted hosts.

The options are:

Trusted Host Keys

Option Description
+ Click the plus sign (+) to manually import a key from the Import Host Key dialog box.
Host Displays the name of the host that authenticates with this key.
Type Indicates whether the key uses either an RSA or DSA algorithm.
Fingerprint Provides a way to reliably identify the host key.

When host is untrusted:

Option Description
Allow Does not enforce strict host key checking. Reflection X connects without displaying a confirmation dialog box, and the host key is not added to your list of trusted keys.
Prompt user Reflection X displays the Host Key Unknown dialog box when you connect to an unknown host.
Reject Enforces strict host key checking. Reflection X does not connect unless the host is trusted. Before you can connect, you must add the host key to your host key database.

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