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Select User Key Dialog Box

This dialog box is presented when your client session is configured to authenticate using Public key authentication and more than one key or certificate is available. Select the key you want to use for this connection.

Option Description
Remember user key for ... When this option is selected Reflection X automatically uses the same key or certificate after a successful connection, so you won't see this dialog box again when you connect to the same host.
View Certificate This button is available only if the selected item is an X.509 certificate. Click to view the contents of the certificate.


  • If you are authenticating use a smart card or hardware token, the first time you authenticate you will see two entries for this device. The first entry is for authentication using the certificate in your device. The second entry is for standard public key authentication using the public key associated with that certificate. Authentication using the public key entry requires that your key be added to the server's list of authorized keys.

  • If you're running in FIPS mode, only FIPS-compliant keys are listed.

  • If you prefer to select a key each time you connect using this client definition, go to Advanced Secure Shell Settings > Authentication and enable Always prompt for user key during public key authentication.

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