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Share with Users

How do I get to this dialog box?

From the Administrative Console

  1. Click the Domain Status tab.

  2. From the Running Sessions tab, select a running session.

  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to Allowed Users.

From X Manager for Domains

  1. Under Session Definitions, running sessions appear beneath the session definition.

  2. Select a running session to display the Session Status pane on the right.

  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to Allowed Users.


This dialog box is available in Domain mode only. This feature is available from X Manager for Domains and the Administrative Console—the applications that are used to operate Reflection X in Domain mode.

This dialog box lists all of the users who have been added to the domain, and who are not already allowed users on the session.

To share with users

  • Select a user, or use Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click to select multiple users, and then click OK.

    This allows the selected users to join the session (from X Manager for Domains, under Offered Sessions), from their computers.

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