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Set Up User Workstations

To run sessions in domain mode, install X Manager for Domains and log onto the domain.

To set up user workstations

  1. Install the following feature.

    X Manager for Domains


    Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (Windows only)

  2. Start X Manager for Domains.

    You'll see the domain logon dialog box.

  3. Log on to the Reflection X domain.

    • For Username and password, enter your credentials to log onto the Reflection X domain. If your domain is configured to use the default authentication option (Windows authentication on Windows systems and PAM authentication on non-Windows systems), you can log on using the same credentials you use to log on to your computer.

    • For Domain, enter the Reflection X domain name. (The Reflection X domain name is always the same as the name of the computer running the domain controller.)


From X Manager for Domains you can access any public session definitions that have been created in this domain. You can also configure your own private session definitions, which are not visible to other users. All session definition information is stored on the domain controller in the domain database.

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