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Join a Session in X Manager Standalone mode

X Manager supports peer-to-peer session sharing by generating a connection URL that allows users to connect to a specific running session.

If another Reflection X user shares a session and gives you the connection URL, you can join the session.


X Manager must be enabled for FIPS to join a peer-to-peer session started in FIPS mode.

To join an X session

  1. From the Action menu, choose Join.

  2. In the Join Session box, in the Connection URL field, enter the URL you received from the user who shared the session.

    The session window opens on your computer.

  3. If the user who created the session has selected Allow users to take control of session, right-click the session, and select Take Control.

    You can now control the session through your computer mouse and keyboard. Only one user at a time can have control of a session.

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