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Join a Session with X Manager for Domains

In X Manager for Domains, if you leave your session (by clicking Leave or by closing the root window), it continues to run although you are not viewing it — the session is persisted in memory. You can rejoin your session, or, if another user has made his or her session available for sharing, you can join it. The steps are similar, whether you are joining an offered session (under Offered Sessions), or rejoining your own session (under Session Definitions).

To join an X session

  1. Right-click the session you want to join under Session Definitions or Offered Sessions, and then select Join.

    The session window opens on your computer.

  2. Offered sessions only: If the user who created the session has selected Allow users to take control of session, you can right-click the session and select Take Control.

    Having control of a session allows you to use the keyboard and mouse. Only one user at a time can have control of a session.

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