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Take Control of a Joined Session

One user can start a session, offer it to other users, and then allow those users to take control of the session. The following procedure applies to the user who has been allowed to join a session. When you take control, your keyboard and mouse provide input to the session, and the user from whom you took control stops providing input.


This option is available only if the user who started the session has selected Allow users to take control of session.

To take control of a session in X Manager for Domains

  1. Under Offered Sessions, right-click the session name and then select Join.

  2. Right-click the session and select Take Control.

To take control in X Manager Standalone

  1. Choose Action > Join, and then enter the connection URL provided by the user who shared the session.

  2. Under Joined Sessions, right-click the session and select Take Control.

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