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Domain Logon Problems

If you are having trouble logging into a domain from X Manager for Domains or X Administrative Console, check the following:

  • Check to see if you entered the correct Reflection X domain name (not your Windows domain) in the Enter Logon Information dialog box. The Reflection X domain name is always the name of the computer running the Reflection X domain controller. Get this information from the Reflection X domain administrator.

  • Ensure that the version of X Manager for Domains running on your workstation is the same or newer than the version running on the domain controller.

  • Ensure that the domain controller service is running and that the host is available on your network.

  • If you upgraded from a version earlier than 5.0 and run in FIPS mode, the certificates used to authenticate domain components need to be upgraded. See Upgrade Digital Certificates used by Reflection X Domains.

If you are having trouble logging into a domain from the X Administrative Console, check the following:

  • You can be locked out of a domain if you forget the administrator password, change authentication methods without adding an administrative account, or experience a problem with the external authentication system. You can unlock the domain without losing your configuration data by using the rxsconfig utility. For details, see Unlock a Domain.

  • If you are running on a Linux system and cannot log in as root, log in using a different account name. On some Linux systems, the pam_securetty module is configured by default to allow root logins only if the user is logging in on a secure tty. On these systems you cannot log onto the Reflection X domain using root credentials.

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