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Log Files

Messages related to the domain, and messages from X Manager and the Administrative Console are automatically logged. You can send additional information (for example font, keyboard, network activity, X protocol errors, and so on) to the log files on a per-session basis by enabling the options on the session definition Logging tab.

Reflection X log files are created for the following applications and services:

Application Log file
X Manager xmanager.log
X Manager for Domains xmanager.log
X Administrative Console xadmin.log
rxsconfig rxsconfig.log
rxmigrate migration.log
Service Log file
Reflection X Service rxs.log
Domain Controller (process of Reflection X Service) domain.log
Domain Node (process of Reflection X Service) node.log
Remote Session Services (process of Reflection X Service) node.log
Service Launcher (process of Reflection X Service) servicewrapper.log

The locations of these log files vary by platform:


Application log files:

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\logs

Service log files:



Application log files:


Service log files:


rxs.log, domain.log, node.log, rxsconfig.log, servicewrapper.log

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