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Performance Problems

If you're experiencing performance problems with Reflection X, try the following:

  • Review the Session Statistics of a running session to determine if low bandwidth or high latency is a problem in your network. For information about using the Remote Session Services feature to improve performance with X Manager (standalone), see How to Configure a Distributed Session in Standalone Mode. If you're running X Manager for Domains, see Domain Setup to Improve Performance Over a Slow Network.

  • On the session definition Display tab, set Backing store to When mapped with save unders. This will reduce network traffic from X clients.

  • Monitor sessions from the Domain Status tab on the X Administrative Console to find the source of the problem.

  • If you are running in domain mode, configure load balancing to set the load balancing scheme and to ensure that the load is properly balanced among the domain nodes.

  • If you are running an application build on the QT platform, setting the following environment variable may improve performance:


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