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Reflection X provides tools and tips to help you pinpoint problems you may encounter:

Information and Error Messages

  • Information about long-running tasks and error messages is displayed in the Task Status area at the bottom of the X Manager and Administrative Console windows. For tasks related to unsuccessful client connections, click the Information ("i") icon pane to display the Start Client dialog box. Two tabs in this dialog box provide client information.

  • For additional information, refer to the Reflection X Knowledge Base.

Common Problems

Review the help topics in this section for tips on addressing issues with connections, displays, performance, and Port Conflicts.


  • Domain-related messages and messages generated by X Manager and the X Administrative Console are automatically captured in a log file.

  • To enable additional logging, use the session definition's Logging tab. Information captured is added to the log file.


If you still can't resolve a problem, you may need to Create a Trace and send it to Technical Support.

If you send a trace to customer support, include the basic information about the product version you are running from the About box ( Help menu > About).

More information

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