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Authenticate with Certificates in the Windows Certificate Store

If you are running on Windows, you can configure Reflection X Secure Shell sessions to authenticate using personal certificates in the Windows certificate store.


  • The certificate in the Windows store must use an RSA key pair; DSA keys are not supported.

  • The Secure Shell server administrator must configure the server to accept and validate user certificates. The procedure depends on the server. Refer to the Secure Shell server documentation for details.

Before you begin

Confirm that the required RSA certificate is installed in your Windows Personal store. (You can view and manage certificates from the Windows Control Panel using Internet Options > Content > Certificates > Personal).

To use a certificate in the Windows Certificate Store

  1. Launch X Manager or X Manager for Domains.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Secure Shell User Keys.

  3. Next to User Key Sources click the plus sign (+) and select Add Windows Certificate Store.

The certificates list displays any certificates you have in your Windows personal certificate store. As long as you leave Windows Certificate Store in the list under User Key Sources, Reflection X attempts to use these when you connect to a host that supports certificate authentication.

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