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Import Migrated Settings and Templates dialog box

The Import Migrated Settings and Templates dialog box opens on initial startup if migrated settings and/or templates are available on your system. This dialog box opens the first time you start X Manager. If you run X Manager for Domains, it opens the first time you log onto any available domain.

This dialog box includes a list of sample connection settings for different host types. You can deselect the settings for host types you don't use. If you're not sure which host types you need, you can import them all and delete the ones you don't need later.

Migrated settings may also be available for import if you are running on a system where a prior version of Reflection X or Hummingbird Exceed was installed. You can import these settings now or later. Importing these settings into Reflection X has no effect on your original settings file.

Option Description
Import Imports settings for the selected items.
Cancel Closes the dialog box without adding any of the listed templates or migrated settings.


  • This dialog box displays only on initial startup, but it is possible to manually import templates and migrated settings later if you do not import them on initial startup.

  • Sample templates for different host types are included if you installed the "Templates" feature when you installed Reflection X. This feature is included in a default installation, and by default includes templates for a variety of host types.

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