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Import a Color Scheme

If you are running X client applications on native systems or with previous versions of Reflection X, you can ensure that Reflection X supports the colors required by these applications by importing RGB text files as color schemes.

For example, if you are running a client application on a Linux workstation X server console, you can find the RGB text file that the X server is using and import it into Reflection X as a color scheme.

To import a color scheme

  1. From X Manager, click Tools > Color Schemes, and then click Import.


    From Administrative Console, select the Domain Definitions tab and then click Action > Import Color Schemes.

  2. In the Scheme name box, enter the name of the color scheme as you would like it to appear in the Reflection X interface.

  3. In the RGB file box, enter or browse to an RGB text file (for example, rgb.txt).

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