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Work with Colors

Colors displayed on your monitor are created by combining various intensities of red, green, and blue (RGB). The colors are defined in color schemes, which list color names and the amount of red, green, and blue needed to display each color. These color schemes are used to translate color names requested by X client applications into RGB values.


Color schemes translate string color names requested by clients into RGB (red, green, blue) values.

Not all X clients request colors by name — many clients request colors by RGB value or other methods, instead of specifying a color name. Changing the color scheme changes the colors the X server displays only when clients request colors by name.

For many client applications, you can use the default color scheme provided by Reflection X. However, if a client application requires specific color names that are not defined in the default color scheme, you will need to define a custom color scheme. You can also specify a custom color scheme to control the look and feel of the application. With Reflection X, you can:

  • Select a Color Scheme

    Assign a different color scheme to a session definition, satisfy requests from client applications for specific color names, or control the look-and-feel of applications.

  • Import a Color Scheme

    Support colors, in Reflection X, required by X client applications you are running on native systems or on previous versions of Reflection X.

  • Customize a Color Scheme

    Change, add, or remove color values or string names to match those requested by client applications.

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