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Add an Unsupported Character

Some characters are not supported by default. If you need to use unsupported characters, you can add them to the list of supported characters. This sample procedure adds Greek characters to the supported list.


If you map characters explicitly, you do not need to add them to the supported character list. If you add supported characters, you do not need to map them explicitly.

To add Greek symbols to the list of supported characters

  1. In X Manager or X Manager for Domains, click Tools > Keyboard Maps.

  2. For Select Keyboard Map, select an editable keyboard map.


    The default keyboard maps are not editable. Click Clone to create a new custom keyboard map based on an existing keyboard map.

  3. In the Keyboard Maps dialog box, click the Characters tab.

  4. Select Greek under Unsupported (available for mapping).


    If you need only one or two characters from the set, you can select and move them individually.

  5. Click the < button in the middle of the tab to move these characters to the list of characters that are Supported (already included in keymap).

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