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X Manager and X Manager for Domains

The procedures and reference information provided in this section of the user guide apply to both the standalone X Manager and X Manager for Domains.

X Manager is a tool that you can use to configure, start, and monitor X sessions. To start an X session, you need a session definition.


A session definition is a combination of settings that affect how Reflection X manages and displays your connections. You can associate a default session definition with each of your X clients (including XDMCP connections), or configure these definitions to prompt you for a session name when you start the client. If the associated session is not already running, Reflection X starts the session when you start the client.

X Manager for Domains connects you to a Reflection X domain. With this tool, you can start public sessions that have already been configured by the domain administrator; and you can also configure, start, and monitor your own sessions.

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