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The information returned for an SQL DESCRIBE CONNECTION statement is static for any particular connection except for the number of queries value (sql-ConNoQueries), which varies depending on the number of InstantSQL queries that have been associated with the connection by the application.

Some of the information that is returned for an SQL DESCRIBE QUERY statement varies depending on when the statement is executed. For example, the query status indicates whether an SQL START QUERY statement or SQL FETCH ROW statement has been executed for the query and also whether the end of the result set has been reached. Other information items that vary are the row number and affected row count. In the case of executing procedures, the number of result columns can also change after the SQL START QUERY statement is executed (the Access 97 driver, for example, does not report the number of columns in the result set of a procedure execution until the procedure is actually executed).

The SQL PREPARE QUERY statement shown in the flow chart on the left could be replaced with any of the InstantSQL browse statements. That is, the SQL DESCRIBE QUERY and SQL DESCRIBE COLUMN statements can be used to describe any of the browse queries and their result set columns. However, since the browse queries have no parameters, the SQL DESCRIBE PARAMETER statement could not be used with a browse query.

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