Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows

The Reflection for Secure IT Server is a full-featured, easily customizable Windows-based Secure Shell (SSH) server. It is available separately and as an optional component for use in Reflection for Secure IT Gateway configurations. With the Reflection for Secure IT, you can:

  • Support secure file transfer using the Secure Shell protocol

  • Control and customize file transfer directories

  • Monitor the number of connected sessions

  • Configure all server settings using the server console

  • Configure public key, certificate, or GSSAPI host authentication

  • Configure password, keyboard interactive, public key, certificate, RADIUS, SecurID, and GSSAPI/Kerberos user authentication

  • Specify which encryption, hashing, and key exchange algorithms the server supports

  • Enforce FIPS140-2 algorithm standards

  • Control access to the server from client hosts, groups, or users

  • Configure customized settings for client hosts, individual users, or user groups

  • Audit and troubleshoot using configurable logging information

  • Use command-line utilities to control the server and manage keys and certificates

  • Configure the server to run in a clustered environment