Mainframe file transfer features

Mainframe file transfer copies files between your PC and the mainframe. The Transfer > Send and Transfer > Receive commands open a setup window where you specify the file type, transfer protocol, and host environment for the file transfer. You can also choose to have Rumba software initiate the file transfer protocol.

Rumba for the mainframe works transparently with most IBM host operating systems, including CICS, TSO, and VM/CMS. This allows an application on one platform to access and use data on another platform.

Rumba simplifies the file transfer process by using typical Windows menus and dialog boxes. It reads and lists PC and host files, and lets you transfer files in the background. You can also perform file transfers using the configurable tool bar.

To start a transfer, Rumba submits a command to a host file transfer program. The most common host program used is called IND$FILE.

Mainframe file transfer provides a number of features, such as support for: