Rumba Submit Remote Command

Use the Rumba Submit Remote Command tool to start and control non-interactive programs on an AS/400 host from your PC without opening an AS/400 display session. Commands can be sent individually or together, and they can be saved in an ASCII file for re-submission. Return codes are received but program data cannot be returned from the host system.

For an example of using Submit Remote Command, imagine your accounts receivable department prints a group of reports every morning which requires them to enter a series of AS/400 commands. You can streamline the process in the following way:

  1. Use the Rumba Submit Remote Command window to create an ASCII file of AS/400 commands.
  2. Click Send All.
Note: If you already have a command file, open it in the Rumba Submit Remote Command window, then click Send All.

The Submit Remote Command utility also has a command line interface which allows you, for example, to execute Submit Remote Command from a PC batch file and send AS/400 commands in a specified .txt file.

The Rumba Submit Remote Command tool is located under Start > Programs > Micro Focus Rumba > Rumba Tools. Submit Remote Command is also a legacy API and available as an ActiveX control in the Rumba ObjectX Development Kit.