Enabling and disabling global commands

Global commands are all Rumba+ Desktop commands which are not host-specific. For example, Create New Session and Open Screen Designer.
Note: Before you enable or disable global commands on menus, ensure that you close all open host session windows.

To enable and disable global commands:

  1. Right-click the toolbar and select Customize from the pop-up menu.

    The Global Commands Availability window appears.

  2. To enable a command, check the command. To disable a command, uncheck the command.
  3. When you have finished, click OK.
  4. In the Customize window, click Close.
  • If you disable the Command Availability command, the Customize command is also disabled. This means that you can no longer enable and disable global commands. To re-enable the Command Availability command:
    1. Edit the following file with an ASCII editor, such as Notepad:

      %LOCALAPPDATA%\Micro Focus\Rumba\Rumba.config

    2. Find the following element:

      <IsCommandsConfiguratorEnabled Type="Boolean">False</IsCommandsConfiguratorEnabled>

    3. Replace False with True.
    4. Save the file and exit.
  • If you disable the Save or Save As commands, you are still offered the option to save a session profile when you close a host session.
  • If you disable a command that is associated with a toggle button, such as Rumba+ Mode, the button is also disabled.