What is in this guide

The System Administrator Guide contains the following sections:

Introducing Rumba
Provides an introduction to Rumba and describes the features provided with Rumba.
Planning Installation and Deployment
Describes how to plan a Rumba installation.
Installing Rumba
Describes how to customize, install, and deploy Rumba on Windows with Microsoft Installer.
Using Rumba
Describes how to use the main features of Rumba.
Using Rumba+
Describes how to use the main features of Rumba+.
AS/400 Getting Connected
Describes how to configure and maintain Rumba AS/400 display and printer connections.
AS/400 File Transfer
Describes the AS/400 file transfer program.
AS/400 Client Application
Describes the AS/400 Client Application which allows you to start and control non-interactive programs on your AS/400 host system without opening a display session.
Mainframe File Transfer
Describes the mainframe file transfer program.
HP and UNIX File Transfer
Describes the HP and UNIX file transfer programs.
AS/400 and Mainframe Printers
Provides an overview of the AS/400 and mainframe printer features.
Automating Rumba
Describes how to use macros and scripts to perform automated Rumba tasks.
Connection Tools
Describes the most commonly used Rumba tools: Rumba APPC Configuration utility, Administrator Override File, Rumba AS/400 Communications utility, and Rumba Communication Monitor.
Diagnostic and Development Tools
Describes the Rumba Trace Console, Rumba development tools for .NET, and the Rumba Development Add-in for Visual Studio.