Host Print Transform

AS/400 only

The Host Print Transform feature is available only on hosts with operating systems of OS/400 V2R3 or later. Host Print Transform changes the AS/400 print data to the ASCII format needed by a particular PC printer before the data is sent to the Rumba AS/400 printer. The Rumba AS/400 printer then passes the data directly to the PC printer. In this way, the Rumba printer and Windows printer drivers are minimally involved in the process.

To use Host Print Transform, follow these steps before connecting the Rumba AS/400 printer:

  1. Select Connection > Configure, then select Rumba Router from the Installed Interfaces list.
  2. Click the Rumba Router tab.
  3. Click Transform.
  4. In the Host Transform frame, select Enabled, then change the configuration parameters as needed.
  5. Click OK, then OK in the Connection Configuration dialog box.

You can also configure Host Print Transform directly on the AS/400 host.