Supplemental and interface configuration files

There are also supplemental files that work together with session profiles. These supplemental files contain configuration or other important data unique to a feature. For example, the hotspot.hsp file is a supplemental file. It is also a Hotspot file, and it contains all the data required to run a series of predefined keystrokes.

Interface configuration files are a special class of supplemental files. They are saved in separate files with the .cfg extension. You may have more than one of these interface files if you use multiple host connections.

For details on the locations of these files, see Installing Rumba.

The supplemental files and their default extensions are:

File type Extension
Interface configuration .cfg
Keyboard map .map
Macro script .rmc, .js, .vb
Hotspot .hsp
Menu configuration .mnc
Script .csf, .vba
Toolbar .rtbr
Screen Designer project .rsdp
Screen Designer definition .rdar