The Rumba SNA engine, AS/400 Display, and Rumba APPC Configuration tool can all look at two configuration files at the same time and extract pertinent information from each file.

When you configure connections to an SNA-type server, the Control Point Name (also known as the “PC Name” in the AS/400 environment) makes one workstation unique from another workstation. The administrator override file contains the link information. This includes, but is not limited to the:

Use the local configuration file to store information applicable only to the workstation.

Note: Mainframe connection definitions are not supported by the administrator override file. To understand why, consider the following:
  • Connection definitions for the Rumba Router and AS/400 display are shareable objects. That is, the parameters for an AS/400 connection definition and the AS/400 remote LU Definition can be common to all users globally. The configuration parameters that are specific to a single workstation are located in the local LU definition.
  • Connection definitions for a mainframe connection are not shareable objects. As an example, for a mainframe display DLC connection, each user must have an individual and unique PUID as part of the connection definition. If you tried to create an administrator override file for this connection, all users would share a single block ID and PUID, and only one user could connect at a time.