HP and UNIX macro commands

An asterisk (*) indicates macro commands that you cannot record, but can create and edit in the Macro Editor.

Connect the PC to the UNIX or HP host.
Compare Values*
Compare two character strings or variables, and perform the specified commands based on the results.
Disconnect the PC from the UNIX or HP host.
Exit Macro
End the macro sequence.
File Transfer Receive
Receive the specified file transfer.
File Transfer Send
Send the specified file transfer.
Goto Label*
Jump to the specified Label command in the macro sequence.
Send a function key to the host application.
Create a marker in the macro sequence to which a Goto Label command can jump.
Show a dialog box with the specified message.
Pause Macro*
Pause the macro sequence for the specified number of seconds.
Create a dialog box that prompts the user for input.
Search the host screen for the specified characters.
Run Application*
Run an application on the local PC.
Send the specified characters or variable to the host screen.