3.1 A. Install MSS on the same machine.

This scenario is for a new installation of both Reflection for the Web and MSS on the same machine. When the automated installer does not detect an installation of MSS on the machine where you are installing Reflection for the Web, this prompt displays:

  1. Select Install MSS.

  2. Click Next to start the installation of Management and Security Server (MSS).

    When prompted, run the Initial Configuration Utility to configure Management and Security Server.

  3. Proceed through the Initial Configuration Utility until Done.

  4. When prompted, you have the option to Start the services that were installed.

  5. When the MSS Installation is Complete, the installed components are listed. Click Finish and return to the Reflection for the Web installer.

  6. Next, the Reflection for the Web application will be installed into Management and Security Server. The default [Windows] location is

    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\MSS\server\web\webapps\rweb-client

  7. If prompted, restart the MSS server.

  8. When the Reflection for the Web installation is Complete, click Finish.

3.1.1 Next steps

At this point, Reflection for the Web is installed. You can begin using the Administrative Console to create and configure sessions.

Refer to the MSS Installation Guide to perform these tasks.

  • Manage Sessions
  • Assign Access
  • Configure Settings
  • Set up Metering
  • Set up Security Proxy
  • Set up Terminal ID Manager
  • Set up Management and Security Server Add-Ons