4.3.2 Use the Java Control Panel

To troubleshoot the Reflection for the Web Launcher, launch the Java Control Panel to configure Java Console output, logging, caching, etc.

  1. Launch this BATCH file for a "Standard User" installation.

    • Contrary to the class name of CommandLine, it is a GUI/Swing interface.

    • This script for a "Standard User" installation uses Java Web Start JAR version 1.8.0_212.

    • There is no space in the MicroFocus directory name that is specified for the "itw.userdata" argument.

    @echo off
    REM Default values are intended for use with a "Standard User" installation
    set RWEB_LAUNCHER_HOME=%LocalAppData%\Apps\Micro Focus\Reflection for the Web Launcher
    set WEB_START_DATA_DIR=%LocalAppData%\MicroFocus\webstart
    set WEB_START_VERSION=1.8.0_212
    "%JRE_HOME%\bin\java.exe" -cp "%RWEB_LAUNCHER_HOME%\webstart\javaws-modified-%WEB_START_VERSION%.jar" -Ditw.userdata=%WEB_START_DATA_DIR% net.sourceforge.jnlp.controlpanel.CommandLine
  2. Once launched, look at the Debugging section for options to troubleshoot Web Start and Reflection for the Web.

    This screenshot shows the Debugging Settings after they have been enabled.