4.3.3 If Reflection for the Web does not launch

If Reflection for the Web does not launch as expected, try these troubleshooting tactics.

  • Launch the MFJNLP file directly.

    1. Locate MFJNLP.mfjnlp in the browser’s Download location (typically C:\Users\<username>\Downloads), unless saved elsewhere.

    2. Double-click MFJNLP.mfjnlp.

      The expected behavior is the same as launching the Reflection for the Web session through the browser, in accordance to the selected deployment option (Hybrid or Launcher).

  • Launch RWebLauncher-settings.bat, which opens the IcedTea-Web Control Panel. From there you can troubleshoot specific settings.

    Launch the .bat file from either location:

    • * Start > Reflection for the Web Launcher > Reflection for the Web Settings
    •  — or —
    • * C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Apps\Micro Focus\Reflection for the Web Launcher\RWebLauncher-settings.bat