NetIQ Secure API Manager 2.0 Administration Guide

The NetIQ Secure API Manager Administration Guide provides conceptual information and step-by-step guidance for administrative tasks for Secure API Manager.

Intended Audiences

This guide provides information for individuals responsible for managing and maintaining Secure API Manager in conjunction with NetIQ Access Manager. You must have a good understanding of Access Manager, APIs, role management, network configuration, and virtual environments to manage Secure API Manager. This guide does not contain detailed information about these topics. This guide is intended for the following users:

Access Manager Administrators

Secure API Manager is tightly integrated with Access Manager. You perform all configuration for Secure API Manager through the Access Manager Administration Console. Secure API Manager uses Access Manager’s Identity Server, roles, and OAuth2 applications to secure the APIs that you create and store in Secure API Manager.

System Administrators

Manage and maintain Secure API Manager in conjunction with Access Manager. You must have a good understanding of basic IT subjects such as networking, load balancers, virtual environments, and role management.

Additional Documentation

For the most recent version of this guide and other Secure API Manager documentation resources, visit the Secure API Manager Documentation website.