19.3 Getting Started with Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard comprises of the following sections:

  • Recently viewed: Contains the graphs that you have viewed recently.

  • Analytics Dashboard: Contains the following options:

    • Options:

      • Use margins between panels: Specifies a margin of space between each pane.

      • Show panel titles: Specifies the appearance of titles in the header of each panel.

    • Share: To share the dashboard using Snapshot or Saved objects.

      NOTE:It is recommended to take snapshots to avoid data loss. For more information, see Snapshot and Restore in the NetIQ Access Manager 5.0 Administration Guide.

    • Add: Create and add panels of your data to the dashboard, or add existing panels from the library.

    • Create New: Use the following options:

      • To start with an empty dashboard, click Create dashboard.

      • To open an existing dashboard, click the dashboard Title you want to open.

    • Save: To save the dashboard.

    • Cancel: To cancel the changes made to the dashboard.

  • Discover: Enables you to interactively explore the data.

  • Dashboard: Provides visual analytics of access-related data based on the usage, performance, and events of SecureLogin.

  • Visualize: Helps you visualize the captured data in the dashboard using the customizing view of the graphs.

  • Management: Contains the following options:

    • Dev Tools: Provides tools to help you interact with the data.

    • Stack Management: Helps you manage every resource such as; indices, clusters, licenses, UI settings, index patterns, spaces present in the entire dashboard.