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A COBOLComp5 stores a COBOL pic x(n) comp-5 enabling you to treat data of this type as an object. This class provides the basic comparison operators, display mechanism and hashing methods for comp5 items. Its main use is to provide templates for creating collections "ofValues", and associations.

See method newClass in class intrinsic.

Class-Control Entry

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COBOLComp5 is class "comp5"



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Instance Methods

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asCharacterArray Returning lnkstring
asCOMP5 Returning lnkobjref
asCompX Returning anintrinsic
asHEX Returning lnkstring
asPicX Returning lnkstring
greaterThanbyLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning bool
hash Returning ahashvalue
lessThanbyLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning bool