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Base Class Library


An abstract class which contains the common code for OrderedCollections and SortedCollections.

Class-Control Entry

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dynamicArrayedCollection is class "dynarray"



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Instance Methods

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add Using anelement
addAll Using acollection
after Using anelement
Returning anelement2
at Using anindex
Returning anelement2
atAllPut Using anelement
atNoGC Using anindex
Returning anelement2
atPut Using anindex anelement
before Using anelement
Returning anelement2
capacity Returning lnksize
collect Using amessage
Returning anewcollection
concat Using acollection
Returning anewcollection
copyFromTo Using fromindex toindex
Returning anewcollection
copyReplace Using fromindex toindex acollection
Returning anewcollection
copyReplaceAll Using acollection acollection2
Returning anewcollection
copyWith Using anelement
Returning anewcollection
copyWithOut Using anelement
Returning anewcollection
deepCopy Returning anewcollection
do Using amessage
doWithOutCopy Using amessage
equal Using acollection
Returning lnkbool
findFirst Using amessage
Returning anindex
findLast Using amessage
Returning anindex
first Returning anelement
firstIndexOf Using anelement fromindex toindex
Returning anindex
firstIndexOfIdentity Using anelement fromindex toindex
Returning anindex
growTo Using requiredSize
Returning defaultreturn
indexOfSubCollection Using acollection anindex
Returning anindex2
insertAllAfter Using anindex acollection
Returning anewcollection
isat Using anelement anindex
Returning lnkbool
isatIdentity Using anelement anindex
Returning lnkbool
keysAndDatado Using amessage
last Returning anelement
lastIndexOf Using anelement fromindex toindex
Returning anindex
occurrencesOf Using anelement
Returning anumber
reject Using amessage
Returning anewcollection
remove Using anelement
removeAllSuchThat Using amessage
removeAtIndex Using anindex
Returning anElement
removeFirst Using anumber
removeFirstandFinalize Using anumber
removeLast Using anumber
removeLastandFinalize Using anumber
replaceAll Using anelement anelement2 fromindex toindex
replaceSubCollection Using fromindex toindex acollection fromSource
reverse Returning anewcollection
reverseDo Using amessage
select Using amessage
Returning anewcollection
size Returning lnksize
withDo Using acollection amessage