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An instance of ValueSet is a collection of non-ordered objects or intrinsics. Duplicates are not allowed in a ValueSet. The ValueSet class tests for duplicates by sending elements the "equal" message.

Elements are only compared with the "equal" message if they have the same hash value. Objects return hash values when you send them the "hash" message. You should override the default implementation of "hash" in the Base class anytime that you override the default implementation of "equal". The defaults are based on object handles, not on their contents.

See class IdentitySet.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

ValueSet is class "valueset"



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Instance Methods

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add Using anelement
capacity Returning acollectionsize
concat Using acollection
Returning anewcollection
copy Returning result
do Using amessage
doWithOutCopy Using amessage
includes Using anelement
Returning lnkbool
minus Using acollection
Returning anewcollection
occurrencesOf Using anelement
Returning anumber
remove Using anelement
reverseDo Using amessage
size Returning acollectionsize