Programmer's Guide to Writing Programs


Table of Contents


Part 1: Writing Programs

Chapter 1: Writing Efficient Programs
Chapter 2: Calling Programs
Chapter 3: Advanced Language Features
Chapter 4: System Limits and Programming Restrictions
Chapter 5: Handling Protection Violation Errors

Part 2: Portability

Chapter 6: Portability Guidelines
Chapter 7: Internationalization Support
Chapter 8: National Language Support (NLS) Demonstration

Part 3: Interfacing

Chapter 9: The COBOL Interfacing Environment
Chapter 10: Mixed-language Programming
Chapter 11: Header-to-COPY Utility

Part 4: General

Chapter 12: Application Configuration System
Chapter 13: Concurrency Support
Chapter 14: Device Handling
Chapter 15: Integrated Preprocessor Interface
Chapter 16: Library Routines


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